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Product > Overview

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eID simply works

Assinare consists on the provision of solutions and services in electronic identification

Modern organizations are subject to highly competitive environments, thus modernization and optimization of information systems, supported by ICT solutions adapted to the business, are of the utmost importance.
The use of digital signature contributes to the reduction of cost and time with business processes and services.


Assinare  Economic

Centralized installation and update
Does not require acquisition of certificates and associated infrastructure
No need for document printing, scanning or physical transport
Eliminates signature's notarization
Reduces litigation due to signatures' authentication and time certification
Licensing per domain, allows you to have a unique solution for digital signature in all your online business processes and applications

Assinare  Faster & Simpler

Signature's process is optimized
Customization and integration with the client's information systems
Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface
Does not require specific software installation
Works with most commonly used operating systems

Assinare  Safer

Nearly impossible to falsify a digital signature or the date / time
Signature procedure is confidential
Digital signature in accordance with applicable law
User data and documents are transferred over secure protocol (HTTPS) and only between the repository server and Assinare's client application
No recording or transfer of any kind of user data or documents takes place in any other server
Control over document adulteration

Assinare  Eco-friendly

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